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Looking hard for ways to save

May 9th, 2005 at 02:54 am

Hi everyone

Thanks Shawni for your message.

Well today started out really well - got Emma off to school and then tidied out the top shelf of the grocery cuphoard and found all sorts - candy, baking supplies and crackers. Yeah - so now Emma and I will do some baking today (and I guess she will enjoy the candy Smile)

Printed off the Consumer Rates for Electricity and am about to educate my housekeeper on what it all costs - yup, I know a housekeeper when I am trying to save and pay off debt but without her (she lives in a cottage on the property) I am not able to work full-time, look after Emma and do all the housework, washing, ironing etc. Okay I will admit it I am spoilt. In South Africa, because we have a huge uneducated, unemployed population many middle class families are able to afford housekeepers full time or part time. My housekeepers name is Esther and I love her - she has worked for our family (my mom & dad as well) for a total of 28 years. Amazing!

Business today is pumping - I closed 2 small orders for payment at the end of June. Got through a ton of follow-ups, finished my emails, reading, planning and administration. I am so oooooooooo motivated - this debt is sooooooooooo gone.

During my free time in the evenings, I have decided to sew for extra money (instead of veging in front of the TV) and yesterday I got 3 orders for sweats for kids - should earn about $45 for this. Have to deliver them on Sunday.

Also found a website last night called FreeStuff for South Africa and have subscribed - haven't heard anything yet except for receiving my log in code. We don't have many coupons in SA - I really envy you guys.

Oh yes forgot to tell you - started an envelope system for money that I would have spent normally and already have $110 in it - will put it into the CC bill at the end of the month with my sewing money.

One of my clients hasn't paid me yet (they were meant to have paid by the 3 May) so I haven't paid my DSL line or fax line yet - keep waiting for the tel company to call me. Also have company expenses outstanding i.e. I pay for stuff during the month which I claim back from my company at the end of the month - another $690 to go towards to the school bill.

Just got a call from a client - another possible order - very small order but an order none the less.

Goals for Today:
Tonight we will make the chicken pies and chicken ala king for freezing
Get the library books back otherwise I pay a fine
Buy bread & milk for freezing
Cut out the sweats for sewing
Sell my second deep freeze - it is empty most of the time and keeps icing up so now it is gone!!! Should be able to get about $50 for it
Collect the post when I go out to get bread, go to the library and fetch Emma - so that there will be no extra trips

Will check in again later - by the way we are about 7 hours ahead of you so at the time of this entry you guys will be getting up for your day and we are already at lunch time.

Take care and keep those pennies in your pocket - they all add up


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