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The Hole in my Wallet

May 9th, 2005 at 12:31 pm

Here is the report for today:
Went to the library - uggh - got fined $2 - really thought I was being so organised. But found some good books - recipe books, "life after debt", Autobiography - Goldman Sachs. The only problem with getting good books is that I lounge in my warm bed (we are going into Winter here in South Africa) reading instead of sewing and getting things done.
Added insult to injury - found 3 books on the sale stand - spent another $3 - didn't need them but wanted them - one sewing book - patchwork (for all those scraps of fabrics - that you have every intention of using up but never do Smile
Fetched Emma from school - she had PT today and she begged so hard for an ice lolly - another $1 (for her friend as well)
Went looking for some of the "favourite recipes" today on the internet i.e. KFC, Hard Rock, Taco Bell - and ended up spending $19 for the download recipe book.

Unplanned spending: $25

Good news though - I negotiated with Emma's school to pay her school fees monthly instead of every 4th month - this means that my cash flow and budgeting becomes easier. No huge amounts every 4th month - whoopeeeee Food Smiley 004

I have a leaking roof over my study and don't want to spend money - so I got creative. A friend of mine's husband is an engineer, and he is brilliant at DIY so I offered to do their mending and sewing if he would fix my roof - you will never guess - HE AGREED - how is that for a trade????

Managed just about all my other goals:
Goals for Today:
Tonight we will make the chicken pies and chicken ala king for freezing - NOT QUITE
Get the library books back otherwise I pay a fine - YES BUT PAID A FINE
Buy bread & milk for freezing - DONE
Cut out the sweats for sewing - NOPE
Sell my second deep freeze - it is empty most of the time and keeps icing up so now it is gone!!! Should be able to get about $50 for it - SOLD
Collect the post when I go out to get bread, go to the library and fetch Emma - so that there will be no extra trips

I am exhausted tonight so I am off to bed - see ya later


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