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Successful Days make a difference

May 12th, 2005 at 09:17 am

Hi everyone

Wasn't able to update my journal yesterday - got home from work at 7pm after running a training program for 23 delegates - I was exhausted and fell asleep with my daughter.

Guess what - have just finished looking at my debt balances and with all the daily tracking and additional fund transfers I have reduced my debt by $3000 - hey guys, I really did NOT think it was possible Grinning Smiley 003:
The money came from expenses reimbursement, less spending (transfered the most of the balance in my checking account into the CC) and sold some stuff I really didn't need.

Angry Smiley 004 Now for the bad news, I had an insurance claim in for my swimming pool - it was very badly damaged in a storm that we had in early January - which meant a complete renovation. Well the insurance company appointed a company to do it and they finally finished yesterday. So I am now waiting for a bill for my share of the claim. Also, there is the additional cost of filling the pool - no you can't leave the pool empty (I thought of that) because it will just crack and then the renovation is wasted. Sigh.......... It is going to cost me a fortune to fill the pool and worst is that we are going into winter here so we will only use it again in September. The cost of pool treatments/chemicals also has to be added back to my budget - jeez it never ends.

Working hard and long hours stops the spending - I had a no spend day yesterday and today only spent $1 on an ice lolly for Emma.

On Tuesday, I had to have a prescription filled for my medicines so that was another $75 but also budgeted for and it is now paid until next month.

My checking account has $150 left till pay day at the end of the month and my challenge is to have $100 left to pay into my CC.

Really need to catch up with filing and getting organised - found an insurance claim which I paid out of pocket for geyser damage during the same storm in January - so I am going to submit that tomorrow - another $110 to put into the credit card.

Still haven't cut out that fabric for my sewing order - but tonight is the night - another $45 into the CC.

I think that I am astounded at how quickly the small savings add up (just like all the small amounts spent) - now I need to get working to earn a bonus at the end of June - hopefully, enough to pay off a credit card Smile

Will check in again tomorrow


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