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Even Emma's Saving now

May 13th, 2005 at 09:43 am

Hi everyone
Had fun today - explained to Emma that we want to save some money for our holiday/vacation (that is the only thing she can really relate to at this stage) and why it was a good idea to put money in the bank. She disappeared for a while and came back with her money box (full of coins) and said that she was already doing her saving Cheeky Smiley 028 Then she convinced me we had to count it all and sort the coins = $6 and take it to the bank. Amazing, we think our kids don't learn by example rolleyes:

Work today was slow - I just couldn't get my act together and just pushed everything I had to do to Monday except for sorting paperwork, emails and filing.

Oh yeah, said I would let you know how the vegie/chicken soup was received - well, neither of us liked it too much - won't be doing that again.Embarrassment

Was reimbursed some more money today, another $300 into my CC AND a no spend day. Loving this challenge.

Report back on goals from the other day:
Cut out sewing order NOPE - still not done
Pack materials in car for training program tomorrow - DONE
Start preparing personal tax file - NOPE
Company - file invoices, receipts, shipping documents etc - DONE
Review budget to see if I can find a saving for today - DONE
Exercise for 30 minutes - NOPE

Haha - oh well some done some not - will keep trying.

My daughter has a sleep over tonight so I am home alone and am thinking of snuggling into my warm bed with my book - a lie in tomorrow is going to be real treat. Want to try for another no spend day as well.

Tomorrow I HAVE to do that sewing - I really want to get paid for my sewing on Sunday. This time last week I was making a shopping list and now here I am planning how to save and earn money in every which way - just hope and pray I can keep it up.

Found something else to sell today - I have a shed outside that we don't use - it just gets filled with junk. Well I think I sold it today - they will let me know tomorrow Laughing Smiley 014: This is such fun

Okay guys I am off to read my book and hopefully have a good sleep tonight so that I will be ready for a full day of sewing tomorrow.

Take care

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