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Back home and back to reality

May 21st, 2005 at 05:18 am

Hi everyone
I have been away from home for the past 5 days - working NOT vacation. Why is it when I travel I lose track of the incidental spending - jeepers I wasted some money this past week. Even bought a magazine which I NEVER buy - they just such a waste of money. Spent about $100 on nothing - blahFrown

Anyway it is great to be back. I love my home and missed my daughter terribly. Took her to MacDonalds last night for a treat $10 later but actually it was nice to give her a treat on my return.

Haven't spent anything today - no spend day - easy easy easy when I am at home.

Pay day is next week - so I will be able to update my debt status and see how much progress I have made Cheeky Smiley 005

Am getting a huge order on Monday - so that will contribute to my bonus which I am hoping to pay at the end of June so that I can settle my one credit card debt - won't that be great.

Oh - I finished my sewing and got paid $50 - which I then spent on my business trip Confused Smiley 013:
Hopefully I won't have to travel again in the next 3 months so I'll be able to get my focus back and start saving and tightwadding.

Identified another business opportunity - assisting a restaurant franchise with training their franchisees - don't know what it will pay but every little bit helps to pay off the debt.

Will check in again tomorrow

Take care


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