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Monday Blahs

May 23rd, 2005 at 11:35 am

Hi everyone
Didn't make it back yesterday - but had a no spend day.

My aunt treated my Daughter and I to brunch yesterday - it was lovely to sit out in the Autumn sun (we are going into winter here in Johannesburg) and days are shorter, nights colder but the sun shines all through - we get to about Zero Celsius about 22 F overnight but otherwise no snow.

Felt really flat today - couldn't fall asleep last night - was still awake at 01:00 then had to get up at 06:00 to get Emma off to school. Was in my office early but tired before I even started. Was not really that productive.

Just when I am making progress with paying down debt - my car decides it is time to make a really weird noise glare: - Grr. Called the mechanic and they are coming to fetch my car tomorrow - I am sooooooooooo irritated. Fortunately, my dad kept my mom's car after she passed away and I managed to get my brother to take me to fetch it. At least I will not be without wheels. Confused

When someone figures how to keep these unexpected inconveniences at bay - pleaseeee let me know.

As a result of fetching the car, cooking supper went out the window and we stopped for prepared meals - it was very tasty - but then it should be at the price. Spent $9 on 2 meals and then of course bought a few essentials and ended up spending a total of $32 - I think that my motto should be - (roll eyes) STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOPS BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING "ESSENTIAL"

Oh well after 2 no spend days, I suppose it is an improvement considering that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was the spending queen Unsure

4 more days to pay day - can't wait to transfer the leftover ( well if I have any leftover after my car is fixed) funds to my credit card.

The good news is that in January I cancelled my satellite TV/Cable service because my satellite dish was hit by lightening and I didn't have the $300 to have it repaired. Well just before I started this journal I was saving to get it repaired and in fact reached the $300 goal but then decided to see if I could delay it for a while longer. So far so good. I have spent the time sewing, cooking and reading - soooooooooo much more productive than lounging in front of the TV.

The other reason for a yuck day is today is the anniversary of my mom's death - and have just found myself really missing "my mom" Sad So many memories .....

Well that is enough of my moaning and groaning - I am going to bed early - tomorrow is a new day and I WILL be feeling better.

Thanks for listening

Take care

1 Responses to “Monday Blahs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to hear about your bad day, particularly about your mom. My mom passed away in February, 2001, and sometimes it seems like forever and sometimes it seems like just yesterday. I once read that no matter how old you are, you're never old enough to lose a parent. It seems funny to me that I'm a wife and a mom and a card-carrying adult, yet I still feel like a little kid when I think of her. Hang in there...

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