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Lost sight of the overall goal

May 25th, 2005 at 12:22 pm

Hi everyone
Yesterday I had a migraine - reason for no daily log and more money spent on meds $50 - not budgeted for. Feeling better today but have not been as focused on my saving goals as I was before I went away on business.

Spent $46.xx today on cottons for my serger, a piece of fabric for a Sweatshirt for Emma, different braids and lace for decorating cushions, cushion covers that I liked so much I have decided to copy them and sell them. When I bought the cushion covers my rationale was that if I only sell 3, I will break even and have the original ones. Huh - Well that is the idea anyway.

I have had my office chair waiting to be repaired for a couple of months now - thought it would cost a fortune but surprise surprise: I took it to the factory and they repaired it for NOTHING and I was expecting to have pay about $25. smile: (Which I then spent at the above mall Dry

Didn't get that large order I was hoping for - I have to remember that it is many small drops which make a river - not a flash flood. Now I have to focus again and work on getting regular small orders to keep my cash flow going in the business.

I need to get organised again and focused on the daily activities which help control the spending (that business trip really threw a spanner in the works):

Goals for tomorrow:
I want to setup a price book
Track daily spending log
Review my budget
Look to see if I have made progress over the past couple of weeks
Find out if they need lecturers on Sales and Marketing at the local college (night school classes) - this income would go a long way to paying off my debt quicker

I have a presentation tomorrow, hoping to be able to get a commitment for a negotiating training program - that will help get me closer to my monthly sales revenue goals.

This weekend I want to finish up all those sweats and start on the cushion covers.

At this stage, I feel like I need to win a lottery - boy this daily commitment to getting out of debt is REALLY a commitment with lots and lots of determination. In the beginning, it was just fun now I find that I have to really think about what I am doing or not doing.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to upgrade my cell phone - called around and the model I wanted meant an additional contribution of $250 - decided to take 48 hours before making the decision. Although I would have been able to claim the expense from the company, once I thought about and looked at what I have now - I couldn't justify the cost. A month ago, I would have just gone ahead - so I must be making progress. Rolleyes

Will let you all know what happens tomorrow


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