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Car Repairs

May 28th, 2005 at 02:34 pm

Hi everyone
Got my car back today - it is going wonderfully but it blew the budget completely - $700 - who says that running a car is a worthwhile exercise. Anyway when they saw the dismay on my face the owner gave me a discount and reduced it to $612. Better than nothing I suppose.
Had to use my credit card to pay for it though - the amount was way more than I expected - so that debt just went back up. GRRH
Managed to finish one set of pyjamas - sell for $10 and a sweat shirt and pants for my daughter - saved $15 (used fabric in the cuphoard).
Lunch - yoghurt, toast and fruit
Supper- really wanted take out but decided leftovers would have to do.
My daughter wanted an electric blanket (we are into winter now) and I had priced them at $40 - $50 decided it was something that would have to wait. This morning I woke up with an idea - I have a double bed with an electric blanket for a double bed, with two controls. Surely that meant there there was separate electric coils? Stripped down the bed to look - guess what - that is exactly what they had done - there was a strip in the middle of the blanket which was just fabric - so out came the scissors. Well Emma got her electric blanket and I get to keep my half. Grinning Smiley 003: Savings: $40
Amazing what we come up with when we want to - imagine what would happen to the retail world if the world were filled to capacity with us tightwadders - they would cry big tears.
Oh also found 2 jerseys for Emma which I knitted last year with wool that my mom had given me - savings $30.
Am still looking to see where else I could save.

Total saved today:
Car: $88
Sweats: $15
Pyjamas for sale: $10
Electric Blanket: $40
Jerseys: $30
Total: $183

Not too bad - if only my car hadn't needed repairs I would have a no spend day as well.

So far 0 no spend days out of 20
No internet shopping (for a change)
Sewing - done

Okay I am off to bed - have a ton of sewing to do tomorrow and I want to check my client database to see what follow up calls I can make on Monday (no holiday here).

Happy Holiday weekend everyone - hope the weather is good to you
Take care
PS Mj I left you a comment - please could translate some of the abbreviations for me as well as telling me what an ING is? I am so lost without knowing what they all mean Smilie Fluester

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck with the car - better luck next month. Smile
    ING account = savings account from ING Direct. ING is an international bank based in the Netherlands. ING Direct is an internet based bank which is currently paying a high rate of interest.

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