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First No Spend day

May 29th, 2005 at 11:30 am

Today was a bit slow for me being Sunday. I managed to get some admin done in my office - didn't even get into my sewing room - just wasn't feeling creative.
Read until 03:00am last night - just couldn't put my book down and did I pay the price today - I was tired. Even tried to nap this afternoon but think I was overtired because I couldn't fall asleep.
Made some muffins to freeze and school lunches - supper was a pre-cooked meal out of the freezer.
My fridge is so empty - milk, cheese, salad dressings, 1 egg, 3 yoghurts and that is it but I really wanted a no spend day today.
Will have to go get some fresh produce tomorrow, bread, milk etc - so that is the end of a no spend day tomorrow.
Got 2 more orders for sewing: $45 + $15
Found 2 car seats that I can sell - pity I live in South Africa otherwise Princess Perky you could have taken them off me - one is almost brand new.
Emma has bunk beds in her room and I needed to get another duvet for the top bunk but with the focus on getting down debt, I put that aside. My dad said that he had one for us - so we saved about $15
Found the old pool cleaner in the garage today and have almost got it clean and working - saving $100
Need to set the timer on the pool pump - I think it is running for too long over a 24 hour period.
Got the marketing CD for the business opportunity I have been looking into - need to make a decision now and look at how I am going split my time.
Am expecting the bill for the balance of my pool renovation any day now - Yuch and Ouch
Back to work tomorrow - feeling really motivated - I have a couple of clients who are wanting to run training programs during June and July so it is the right time to close that business - I am still pushing for a bonus at the end of the month.

Update on progress on Goals for June:
20 no spend days - YUP FIRST ONE TODAY
NO internet shopping - YES
Earn an extra $500 by sewing in the evenings - NOPE
Reduce cc debt by another $3000 - ONGOING
Achieve sales target so that I can earn $1500 bonus - ONGOING

Well I am off to bed now
Take care everyone

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