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Lost Track of Spending

June 3rd, 2005 at 09:37 am

Whoa - somehow I got lost along the way this week - last time I looked it was Monday now it is Friday - what happened. The time just flies.
Spent this week ????
No spend days: 3 days - now that is a miracle BUT we made up for it big time today Embarrassment
I had a marathon dentist appointment today - $125 later, then my DD got sick last night - $25 for the Doctor and $75 for antibiotics, cough stuff and painkiller. Arrrg Speechless Smiley 03917: - when does it end. So much for have a great no spend month - Huh
Got an order today - nice boost to my sales this month.
Oh, my DD put on some new winter clothes today (I made them about 4 weeks ago) and guess what she has grown again Confused Smiley 013: - how does that happen. So now I start all over again - maybe I will be make the clothes even bigger. It seems everytime I turn around she has grown another 2 inches. Who else has that problem. I told her I was going to put 18 bricks on her head to stop it. She just smiled sweetly.
I treated her with McDonalds tonight Smilie Fluester I didn't feel like cooking and she needed the treat. Spent $6
Need to check my budget tomorrow and see what is left (if anything - oh well..........) at least we are all trying.
Take care

1 Responses to “Lost Track of Spending”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You're trying!! You'll get there! One day at a time. (that's what I tell myself, anyway)

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