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No Spending Days

June 7th, 2005 at 10:44 am

Hi everyone - I can't believe it - I have had 4 no spending days already this month (my goal is 20).
This past weekend we had a school fete - which turned out to be rather expensive for mom's purse - I must admit I let my daughter spend more than usual - but she had a wonderful day Cheeky Smiley 004
Got more sewing orders should make another $75 - although it is not a large amount it is amazing how quickly it all adds up.
Still working really hard to earn my bonus at the end of June - although it looks really impossible I am NOT giving up Grinning Smiley 003: Watch this space.
Still looking at my budget to see where we can save money - it really is an ongoing challenge. Today I ran out of butter, yoghurt and eggs and even though I tried not to go to the shops, I had to relent - trying to find something that looks like an egg, tastes like an egg but is not an egg is really stretching this "debt freedom" thing Laughing Smiley 003:
Sold the car seat for $55 but the PDA has not been sold - think I may have priced it too high. Think I will just take it to a second hand shop and take what I can get for it.
The other old car seat had a cover that was revolting so I made a new one and am hoping that that will sell tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am going for No Spend day 5 - so I think that I am going to stay in my home office and just focus on getting some more business.
Have fun everyone

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