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I am still here just busy

June 13th, 2005 at 03:58 am

Hi everyone, thought I would just pop in and say hi.
Don't know what happens to the time - I have been busy busy busy. Have had a couple more no spend days but will have to check my diary to see how many.
I think this battle out of debt is something that definitely requires constant attention and daily journaling - I know, that even though I haven't spent much since my last entry it is not "top of mind" if I don't journal everyday.
Really trying to work hard to get that bonus at the end of the month - still looking like it is out of reach but will keep trying.
Will update later

No Spending Days

June 7th, 2005 at 10:44 am

Hi everyone - I can't believe it - I have had 4 no spending days already this month (my goal is 20).
This past weekend we had a school fete - which turned out to be rather expensive for mom's purse - I must admit I let my daughter spend more than usual - but she had a wonderful day Cheeky Smiley 004
Got more sewing orders should make another $75 - although it is not a large amount it is amazing how quickly it all adds up.
Still working really hard to earn my bonus at the end of June - although it looks really impossible I am NOT giving up Grinning Smiley 003: Watch this space.
Still looking at my budget to see where we can save money - it really is an ongoing challenge. Today I ran out of butter, yoghurt and eggs and even though I tried not to go to the shops, I had to relent - trying to find something that looks like an egg, tastes like an egg but is not an egg is really stretching this "debt freedom" thing Laughing Smiley 003:
Sold the car seat for $55 but the PDA has not been sold - think I may have priced it too high. Think I will just take it to a second hand shop and take what I can get for it.
The other old car seat had a cover that was revolting so I made a new one and am hoping that that will sell tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am going for No Spend day 5 - so I think that I am going to stay in my home office and just focus on getting some more business.
Have fun everyone

Lost Track of Spending

June 3rd, 2005 at 09:37 am

Whoa - somehow I got lost along the way this week - last time I looked it was Monday now it is Friday - what happened. The time just flies.
Spent this week ????
No spend days: 3 days - now that is a miracle BUT we made up for it big time today Embarrassment
I had a marathon dentist appointment today - $125 later, then my DD got sick last night - $25 for the Doctor and $75 for antibiotics, cough stuff and painkiller. Arrrg Speechless Smiley 03917: - when does it end. So much for have a great no spend month - Huh
Got an order today - nice boost to my sales this month.
Oh, my DD put on some new winter clothes today (I made them about 4 weeks ago) and guess what she has grown again Confused Smiley 013: - how does that happen. So now I start all over again - maybe I will be make the clothes even bigger. It seems everytime I turn around she has grown another 2 inches. Who else has that problem. I told her I was going to put 18 bricks on her head to stop it. She just smiled sweetly.
I treated her with McDonalds tonight Smilie Fluester I didn't feel like cooking and she needed the treat. Spent $6
Need to check my budget tomorrow and see what is left (if anything - oh well..........) at least we are all trying.
Take care

Grocery Shopping Online

May 30th, 2005 at 11:23 am

Spent a large part of today getting up to date with all my monthly errands, collecting mail, library (got the books back without a fine for a change :winkSmile etc.
Don't know yet how much I spent but I think it was within the budget.
Didn't get into my sewing room either.
About 2 years I bought a PDA which I never used because I ended up staying with my old one with a keyboard. So today I listed it for sale as well as the car seat - hopefully I will be able to get about $300 for both which I will then put back into my cc.
Decided to try internet shopping for my groceries today - thought that if I couldn't walk up and down every aisle I would spent less. The delivery charge was $12 - bought exactly what I needed and specified a time at the end of the day for the delivery. Well they were late - so I got the delivery for free and I didn't buy anything that I didn't "need" Biggrin. So I saved time, gas and the delivery fee.
Will update again tomorrow I am exhausted - see you then

First No Spend day

May 29th, 2005 at 11:30 am

Today was a bit slow for me being Sunday. I managed to get some admin done in my office - didn't even get into my sewing room - just wasn't feeling creative.
Read until 03:00am last night - just couldn't put my book down and did I pay the price today - I was tired. Even tried to nap this afternoon but think I was overtired because I couldn't fall asleep.
Made some muffins to freeze and school lunches - supper was a pre-cooked meal out of the freezer.
My fridge is so empty - milk, cheese, salad dressings, 1 egg, 3 yoghurts and that is it but I really wanted a no spend day today.
Will have to go get some fresh produce tomorrow, bread, milk etc - so that is the end of a no spend day tomorrow.
Got 2 more orders for sewing: $45 + $15
Found 2 car seats that I can sell - pity I live in South Africa otherwise Princess Perky you could have taken them off me - one is almost brand new.
Emma has bunk beds in her room and I needed to get another duvet for the top bunk but with the focus on getting down debt, I put that aside. My dad said that he had one for us - so we saved about $15
Found the old pool cleaner in the garage today and have almost got it clean and working - saving $100
Need to set the timer on the pool pump - I think it is running for too long over a 24 hour period.
Got the marketing CD for the business opportunity I have been looking into - need to make a decision now and look at how I am going split my time.
Am expecting the bill for the balance of my pool renovation any day now - Yuch and Ouch
Back to work tomorrow - feeling really motivated - I have a couple of clients who are wanting to run training programs during June and July so it is the right time to close that business - I am still pushing for a bonus at the end of the month.

Update on progress on Goals for June:
20 no spend days - YUP FIRST ONE TODAY
NO internet shopping - YES
Earn an extra $500 by sewing in the evenings - NOPE
Reduce cc debt by another $3000 - ONGOING
Achieve sales target so that I can earn $1500 bonus - ONGOING

Well I am off to bed now
Take care everyone

ING Savings

May 29th, 2005 at 02:24 am

Hi Baselle
Thanks for clearing that up for me - I understand.
Will update my journal later today

Car Repairs

May 28th, 2005 at 02:34 pm

Hi everyone
Got my car back today - it is going wonderfully but it blew the budget completely - $700 - who says that running a car is a worthwhile exercise. Anyway when they saw the dismay on my face the owner gave me a discount and reduced it to $612. Better than nothing I suppose.
Had to use my credit card to pay for it though - the amount was way more than I expected - so that debt just went back up. GRRH
Managed to finish one set of pyjamas - sell for $10 and a sweat shirt and pants for my daughter - saved $15 (used fabric in the cuphoard).
Lunch - yoghurt, toast and fruit
Supper- really wanted take out but decided leftovers would have to do.
My daughter wanted an electric blanket (we are into winter now) and I had priced them at $40 - $50 decided it was something that would have to wait. This morning I woke up with an idea - I have a double bed with an electric blanket for a double bed, with two controls. Surely that meant there there was separate electric coils? Stripped down the bed to look - guess what - that is exactly what they had done - there was a strip in the middle of the blanket which was just fabric - so out came the scissors. Well Emma got her electric blanket and I get to keep my half. Grinning Smiley 003: Savings: $40
Amazing what we come up with when we want to - imagine what would happen to the retail world if the world were filled to capacity with us tightwadders - they would cry big tears.
Oh also found 2 jerseys for Emma which I knitted last year with wool that my mom had given me - savings $30.
Am still looking to see where else I could save.

Total saved today:
Car: $88
Sweats: $15
Pyjamas for sale: $10
Electric Blanket: $40
Jerseys: $30
Total: $183

Not too bad - if only my car hadn't needed repairs I would have a no spend day as well.

So far 0 no spend days out of 20
No internet shopping (for a change)
Sewing - done

Okay I am off to bed - have a ton of sewing to do tomorrow and I want to check my client database to see what follow up calls I can make on Monday (no holiday here).

Happy Holiday weekend everyone - hope the weather is good to you
Take care
PS Mj I left you a comment - please could translate some of the abbreviations for me as well as telling me what an ING is? I am so lost without knowing what they all mean Smilie Fluester

I have made progress

May 27th, 2005 at 08:10 am

Hi everyone
I promised to update you on my progress and I am so excited but before I give you the results I need to make some adjustments to my original debt:

My starting debt is:
Credit Card: $ 20000 - Adjusted: $ 20 665
Credit Card 2: $9000 - Adjusted: $ 9 000
Personal Loan: $8350 - Adjusted: $ 8 335
Car Loan: $20000 - Adjusted: $ 20 000
Mortgage: $135000 - Adjusted: $ 132 250
Business Loan: $ 45165 - Adjusted: $ 45 165

Forgot to list the following Debts:
Pool Renovations $ 3 335
Dad (Cash Loan) $ 617
Time share Levy Due $ 1 250
School Fees for 2005 $ 1 835
Family Loan $ 2 708

Savings: (oh this is the funniest)
Savings Account (HA HA HA) $ 104
Cash in Envelope $ 123
Holiday Savings $ 12

So Starting Debt Total: $ 245 160

Now for the update:

So the changes are
Credit Card: $ 20 665 now $ 18 396
Credit Card 2: $ 9 000 now $ 8 340
Personal Loan: $ 8 335 now $ 8 165
Car Loan: $ 20 000 now $ 17 824
Mortgage: $ 132 250 now $ 132 166
Business Loan: $ 45 165 now $ 45 165
Pool Renovations $ 3 335 still $ 3 335
Dad (Cash Loan) $ 617 now $ 317
Time share Levy Due $ 1 250 now $ 525
School Fees for 2005 $ 1 835 now $ 1 308
Family Loan $ 2 708 now $ 2 420

Savings Account $ 104 now $ 938
Cash in Envelope $ 123 now $ 133
Holiday Savings $12 still $ 12

Starting Debt Total: $ 245 160 Now: $ 236 901

Food Smiley 004 DEBT REDUCTION OF $ 8259 in one month - I am completely blown away.

When I look back on the month it really wasn't that hard, and there are still many areas I can improve on.

Rolleyes Now the only thing that has still to come in - but I am putting it into next months expenses is my car repair. Will know tomorrow how much it is going to cost.

All I have to do is stay focused and keep working on my business so that I can get that bonus at the end of June.

This weekend I have some sewing to do and hoping for some no spend days.

Today I spent:
Dentist for Emma: $30 (really bad toothache turned out to be teething - her 5 year old molars)
Emma Allowance: $ 3
Sodas: $ 6

Then of course I paid all my bills so that I could see exactly where I am for June:
Groceries: $ 215
Dog Food: $ 65
Gas for Heater: $15
Gas for Car: $50
Cash (the small things): $50

This is a going to be a real challenge BUT when you commit to something in this journal it seems so much more of a commitment rather than "lets try".

Goals for June: (listed yesterday)
20 no spend days
NO internet shopping
Earn an extra $500 by sewing in the evenings
Reduce cc debt by another $3000
Achieve sales target so that I can earn $1500 bonus

Okay well that is it for today - will check in again tomorrow

Take care

Pay Day tomorrow

May 26th, 2005 at 11:55 am

Hi everyone

Whoopee it is pay day tomorrow - we get paid here monthly (don't know how you guys manage getting paid every 2 weeks).

I can't wait to see how I have done this past month. Wink Hopefully I have made some progress.

Today was a no spend day UNTIL I got onto the internet - bought the book listed down the side "Be a Millionaire" it was on special for $25 vs the normal $79 - I am such a sucker for these things. Well at least it is an ebook so I don't have to wait for shipping Action Smiley 057 Have computer, credit card MUST shop. Maybe I'll learn something out of it and it will pay for itself.

My challenge for the next month is going to be:
20 no spend days
NO internet shopping
Earn an extra $500 by sewing in the evenings
Reduce cc debt by another $3000

Hmmm - this is going to be a real challenge. I expect my grocery cuphoard will very empty by the end of June.

At least I feel better today - not so headachy, listless - actually quite excited about next month.

Take care everyone

PS Has anyone heard from Mom from Missouri - I really would like to know if she is okay and how her daughter is doing?

Lost sight of the overall goal

May 25th, 2005 at 12:22 pm

Hi everyone
Yesterday I had a migraine - reason for no daily log and more money spent on meds $50 - not budgeted for. Feeling better today but have not been as focused on my saving goals as I was before I went away on business.

Spent $46.xx today on cottons for my serger, a piece of fabric for a Sweatshirt for Emma, different braids and lace for decorating cushions, cushion covers that I liked so much I have decided to copy them and sell them. When I bought the cushion covers my rationale was that if I only sell 3, I will break even and have the original ones. Huh - Well that is the idea anyway.

I have had my office chair waiting to be repaired for a couple of months now - thought it would cost a fortune but surprise surprise: I took it to the factory and they repaired it for NOTHING and I was expecting to have pay about $25. smile: (Which I then spent at the above mall Dry

Didn't get that large order I was hoping for - I have to remember that it is many small drops which make a river - not a flash flood. Now I have to focus again and work on getting regular small orders to keep my cash flow going in the business.

I need to get organised again and focused on the daily activities which help control the spending (that business trip really threw a spanner in the works):

Goals for tomorrow:
I want to setup a price book
Track daily spending log
Review my budget
Look to see if I have made progress over the past couple of weeks
Find out if they need lecturers on Sales and Marketing at the local college (night school classes) - this income would go a long way to paying off my debt quicker

I have a presentation tomorrow, hoping to be able to get a commitment for a negotiating training program - that will help get me closer to my monthly sales revenue goals.

This weekend I want to finish up all those sweats and start on the cushion covers.

At this stage, I feel like I need to win a lottery - boy this daily commitment to getting out of debt is REALLY a commitment with lots and lots of determination. In the beginning, it was just fun now I find that I have to really think about what I am doing or not doing.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to upgrade my cell phone - called around and the model I wanted meant an additional contribution of $250 - decided to take 48 hours before making the decision. Although I would have been able to claim the expense from the company, once I thought about and looked at what I have now - I couldn't justify the cost. A month ago, I would have just gone ahead - so I must be making progress. Rolleyes

Will let you all know what happens tomorrow


Monday Blahs

May 23rd, 2005 at 11:35 am

Hi everyone
Didn't make it back yesterday - but had a no spend day.

My aunt treated my Daughter and I to brunch yesterday - it was lovely to sit out in the Autumn sun (we are going into winter here in Johannesburg) and days are shorter, nights colder but the sun shines all through - we get to about Zero Celsius about 22 F overnight but otherwise no snow.

Felt really flat today - couldn't fall asleep last night - was still awake at 01:00 then had to get up at 06:00 to get Emma off to school. Was in my office early but tired before I even started. Was not really that productive.

Just when I am making progress with paying down debt - my car decides it is time to make a really weird noise glare: - Grr. Called the mechanic and they are coming to fetch my car tomorrow - I am sooooooooooo irritated. Fortunately, my dad kept my mom's car after she passed away and I managed to get my brother to take me to fetch it. At least I will not be without wheels. Confused

When someone figures how to keep these unexpected inconveniences at bay - pleaseeee let me know.

As a result of fetching the car, cooking supper went out the window and we stopped for prepared meals - it was very tasty - but then it should be at the price. Spent $9 on 2 meals and then of course bought a few essentials and ended up spending a total of $32 - I think that my motto should be - (roll eyes) STAY AWAY FROM THE SHOPS BECAUSE I WILL ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING "ESSENTIAL"

Oh well after 2 no spend days, I suppose it is an improvement considering that it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was the spending queen Unsure

4 more days to pay day - can't wait to transfer the leftover ( well if I have any leftover after my car is fixed) funds to my credit card.

The good news is that in January I cancelled my satellite TV/Cable service because my satellite dish was hit by lightening and I didn't have the $300 to have it repaired. Well just before I started this journal I was saving to get it repaired and in fact reached the $300 goal but then decided to see if I could delay it for a while longer. So far so good. I have spent the time sewing, cooking and reading - soooooooooo much more productive than lounging in front of the TV.

The other reason for a yuck day is today is the anniversary of my mom's death - and have just found myself really missing "my mom" Sad So many memories .....

Well that is enough of my moaning and groaning - I am going to bed early - tomorrow is a new day and I WILL be feeling better.

Thanks for listening

Take care

Back home and back to reality

May 21st, 2005 at 05:18 am

Hi everyone
I have been away from home for the past 5 days - working NOT vacation. Why is it when I travel I lose track of the incidental spending - jeepers I wasted some money this past week. Even bought a magazine which I NEVER buy - they just such a waste of money. Spent about $100 on nothing - blahFrown

Anyway it is great to be back. I love my home and missed my daughter terribly. Took her to MacDonalds last night for a treat $10 later but actually it was nice to give her a treat on my return.

Haven't spent anything today - no spend day - easy easy easy when I am at home.

Pay day is next week - so I will be able to update my debt status and see how much progress I have made Cheeky Smiley 005

Am getting a huge order on Monday - so that will contribute to my bonus which I am hoping to pay at the end of June so that I can settle my one credit card debt - won't that be great.

Oh - I finished my sewing and got paid $50 - which I then spent on my business trip Confused Smiley 013:
Hopefully I won't have to travel again in the next 3 months so I'll be able to get my focus back and start saving and tightwadding.

Identified another business opportunity - assisting a restaurant franchise with training their franchisees - don't know what it will pay but every little bit helps to pay off the debt.

Will check in again tomorrow

Take care


Even Emma's Saving now

May 13th, 2005 at 09:43 am

Hi everyone
Had fun today - explained to Emma that we want to save some money for our holiday/vacation (that is the only thing she can really relate to at this stage) and why it was a good idea to put money in the bank. She disappeared for a while and came back with her money box (full of coins) and said that she was already doing her saving Cheeky Smiley 028 Then she convinced me we had to count it all and sort the coins = $6 and take it to the bank. Amazing, we think our kids don't learn by example rolleyes:

Work today was slow - I just couldn't get my act together and just pushed everything I had to do to Monday except for sorting paperwork, emails and filing.

Oh yeah, said I would let you know how the vegie/chicken soup was received - well, neither of us liked it too much - won't be doing that again.Embarrassment

Was reimbursed some more money today, another $300 into my CC AND a no spend day. Loving this challenge.

Report back on goals from the other day:
Cut out sewing order NOPE - still not done
Pack materials in car for training program tomorrow - DONE
Start preparing personal tax file - NOPE
Company - file invoices, receipts, shipping documents etc - DONE
Review budget to see if I can find a saving for today - DONE
Exercise for 30 minutes - NOPE

Haha - oh well some done some not - will keep trying.

My daughter has a sleep over tonight so I am home alone and am thinking of snuggling into my warm bed with my book - a lie in tomorrow is going to be real treat. Want to try for another no spend day as well.

Tomorrow I HAVE to do that sewing - I really want to get paid for my sewing on Sunday. This time last week I was making a shopping list and now here I am planning how to save and earn money in every which way - just hope and pray I can keep it up.

Found something else to sell today - I have a shed outside that we don't use - it just gets filled with junk. Well I think I sold it today - they will let me know tomorrow Laughing Smiley 014: This is such fun

Okay guys I am off to read my book and hopefully have a good sleep tonight so that I will be ready for a full day of sewing tomorrow.

Take care

Successful Days make a difference

May 12th, 2005 at 09:17 am

Hi everyone

Wasn't able to update my journal yesterday - got home from work at 7pm after running a training program for 23 delegates - I was exhausted and fell asleep with my daughter.

Guess what - have just finished looking at my debt balances and with all the daily tracking and additional fund transfers I have reduced my debt by $3000 - hey guys, I really did NOT think it was possible Grinning Smiley 003:
The money came from expenses reimbursement, less spending (transfered the most of the balance in my checking account into the CC) and sold some stuff I really didn't need.

Angry Smiley 004 Now for the bad news, I had an insurance claim in for my swimming pool - it was very badly damaged in a storm that we had in early January - which meant a complete renovation. Well the insurance company appointed a company to do it and they finally finished yesterday. So I am now waiting for a bill for my share of the claim. Also, there is the additional cost of filling the pool - no you can't leave the pool empty (I thought of that) because it will just crack and then the renovation is wasted. Sigh.......... It is going to cost me a fortune to fill the pool and worst is that we are going into winter here so we will only use it again in September. The cost of pool treatments/chemicals also has to be added back to my budget - jeez it never ends.

Working hard and long hours stops the spending - I had a no spend day yesterday and today only spent $1 on an ice lolly for Emma.

On Tuesday, I had to have a prescription filled for my medicines so that was another $75 but also budgeted for and it is now paid until next month.

My checking account has $150 left till pay day at the end of the month and my challenge is to have $100 left to pay into my CC.

Really need to catch up with filing and getting organised - found an insurance claim which I paid out of pocket for geyser damage during the same storm in January - so I am going to submit that tomorrow - another $110 to put into the credit card.

Still haven't cut out that fabric for my sewing order - but tonight is the night - another $45 into the CC.

I think that I am astounded at how quickly the small savings add up (just like all the small amounts spent) - now I need to get working to earn a bonus at the end of June - hopefully, enough to pay off a credit card Smile

Will check in again tomorrow


Daily Ups and Downs

May 10th, 2005 at 05:45 am

Hi everyone

This journal is wonderful BUT last night I sat here reading everyone's journal and the archive articles - only got to bed at 01:30am and was like a bear with a sore head this morning - I have been grumpy all day. So on top of managing this debt reduction and cancellation project I need to make sure that I get enough sleep. You know you can end up with a situation that you spend so much time reading, researching and getting organised that you don't "do" stuff. That is one of the reasons I didn't get to finish my goals for yesterday.

I import training materials from the United Kingdom and am running a training programme tomorrow for a big client of mine. Well today, the materials still hadn't been delivered by Fedex - guess what - customs and excise are holding my shipment so off to the copy shop with a manual I had left over from another program. What a waste of money - ugghhh - If am really honest though I wasn't as organised as I should have been - I placed my order late Smilie Tischkante

Had to run out to the store for breakfast cereal (I didn't shop with a list yesterday) but did this when I went to the copy shop. Who was talking about being organised in their journal - seems that I need the same discipline

Spent: $6.87

Good news though: paid the monthly amount due on school fees using internet banking and delivered the proof of payment to the school secretary - so that is done.

Was waiting the past 5 days for a debit to go off my checking account to pay one of my CC's but nothing happened - checked my bank account while paying the school account and found that it had gone through - YEAH I have more money left than I thought.

Should be able to meet my goal of paying off $1500 my CC this month.

Made soup last night - enough to feed an army - my daughter is not going to be impressed - chicken and vegie soup is NOT her idea of a fun meal. Well guess what? That is what we are having for supper tonight with fresh bread. Will let you know what happens.

Emma (my 5 yr old daughter) managed to lose her jacket and school hat last week and I threatened her with taking money out of her bank account to pay for new ones - you have no idea how that motivated her to find them. She found the hat yesterday and the jacket today - amazing Aktion033

Really need to get going today - I am feeling so flat - no energy at all.

Goals for today:
Cut out sewing order
Pack materials in car for training program tomorrow
Start preparing personal tax file
Company - file invoices, receipts, shipping documents etc
Review budget to see if I can find a saving for today
Exercise for 30 minutes

Take care everyone - see ya tomorrow